Wednesday, July 16, 2014

For Fair Play

Sometimes you owe it to yourself – the fairness of allowing justice to your very own self. Distancing from the things held closest to your heart and looking at them and their repercussions on you from a third perspective. Being neutral, detached, impartial with your individual self and taking a righteous stand against the dearest of your belongings.

Its weird though...vicious so to say. Marking a decision for oneself that hits the hardest in the wake of rendering justice to nobody else but - yourself. A funny game where you find yourself swinging incessantly between pride and pity. Pride of being fair, firm and strong enough to let go of the most precious of your possessions and then at the same time pitying to see just how difficult, painful and heart breaking it is to simply let go. You witness your strength and you witness your weakness, you witness your love and you witness your hatred, all together at one go. Spinning like a coin when both its sides blur to form a seamless circle that provides it strength for an independent movement.

It takes immense, I-M-M-E-N-S-E courage to let go of things that are skin deep, that are soaked in your spirit. Guess that is the reason why events like such are eventually filed under the 'experience' section of life; maturing you into a stronger person, leaving a dash of wisdom, polishing a darn bit of your uncouth soul.

But it hurts. Tugging away the dearest of your possessions from yourself pains.  

And since the thing about pain is that it demands to be felt, one needs to bear it. Bear it till it subsides. Bear it till it exhausts testing you. Bear it till you've proven your point of being hell lot superior than it. Bear it.

And then once you've proved your superiority, get up, pull up your socks, kiss yourself and take life by its horns. For you've grown up a bit now; have emerged one bit stronger, one bit smarter and one bit wiser a person.
Celebrate it!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Parallel Track

She turned around to see if it was what she thought it was...but no, he wasn’t there, nobody was. She returned to folding the clothes neatly and piling them up in a stack on the bed again.Smiling to herself again, yet again…this was one of the umpteenth number of times that she found herself smiling at his thought.

It had become a routine. She looked for solitude to let her mind drift to her golden reveries. His was a thought that consumed all her conscience and sub-conscience.It was a perfect world with him, her and their love; his love included. The perfection of that world surpassed the reality of the real world. She was loved passionately, acknowledged and celebrated for sharing their togetherness; his share of togetherness included. She was accepted unconditionally with all her imperfections, showered with unrestricted affection, secured with unwavering attention; his affection and his attention.

She looked at the clock. 6:15 pm. About time, she thought. After putting the stack of folded clothes in the cupboard, she went for a shower. Sprayed the cypress body mist (his favorite) on her bare body post shower and then slipped into a white cotton tunic and a pair of ice blue slacks. She could sense the smell of woods and wild flowers from her body. Hair still damp with water made her curls go all the more curly. She walked upto the dressing table and picked up the moisturizer. Rubbing it over her face and arms she smiled again. As always, it felt good to make that extra effort for making him smile and lifting up his spirits after a hard day’s work. Moistening her lips with a fruit scented lip balm, she looked herself in the mirror. Perfect, she thought. Just the way he likes to see her.

6:30 pm. The doorbell rang. With one final glance in the mirror, she went to open the door smiling. Her husband stood there busy looking at his cell phone in his hand. She looked at him and chirped ‘hi!’ ..’hey’ he said, looking at her half smiling and back to his phone while moving inside the home. She closed the door behind him and went upto the kitchen to get his glass of juice and her cup of tea. Placing the glass on the living room’s center table, she switched on the television and tuned it to the particular sports channel that was to telecast the soccer finale today. She knew her husband awaited it eagerly.

She picked up her cup of tea and walked out of the living room to sit on the low cane chair in the balcony. Looking at the red-orange sky slowly changing to an ink blue shade, she smiled again at his words -- ‘Had no idea I’ll be received by a dove today, you look gorgeous in that new white tunic!’

And with the warmth of his kiss still lingering around her mouth, she sipped on the tea...smiling.
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