Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Ode to Indiamart

Monday, 21 December 2009 – I still remember the day vividly when I first joined Indiamart. The uncertainties, the aspirations, the freshness and even the thought of getting sacked the first day…I remember it all…so damn clearly. While making the humble beginning at Imart on that very first day, I had no idea that leaving this company would be so, so emotional for me.

From a time when nobody bothered to ask me to join for lunch, to the day when my colleagues cook my favorite dishes especially for me, I’ve indeed come a long way at Imart. Since last one and a half years, this organization has been my 9:30-6:30 address, it has been my school where I learned the industry lessons, it has been the ultimate ‘adda’ for fun, frolic, gossips but most importantly, it has been an essential part of my identity for past two years.

Mind is flooded with memories; eyes are welling up… I am sooo badly gonna miss the uncontrollable laughter sessions at the B-6 canteen, the heart to heart talks in the basement parking area, the pass-pass and chutki sachet shopping at the nearby paan wala, the rare visits to the chaai-khokha…there’s so much that I’ve lived here and thus, so much that am gonna miss elsewhere.

Some of the people who made this stint worth remembering are:

Rumani – For being my guru, my best friend, my guide, my godmother. I am short of words to say what I want to say…probably words can never explain how much love and regard I have for her. Today as I leave for new beginnings, separation particularly from her is what is paining me the most… may be because I know that no one else [especially in the corporate world] is going to fight for me, protect me and love me the way she does; like her very own daughter. My ears would yearn to hear the ‘Jasmine-Sanchi’ combination ‘jas..sanchi’ that often slipped from her mouth unconsciously. Whatever I am professionally today, is because of her teachings and guidance. Rumani, I love you from the deepest core of my heart and feel fortunate for having met a person as selfless as you.
Deepa Ji - For being the ultimate epitome of a strong headed lady, a woman of substance. I’ve been deeply influenced by her personality and shall carry few of the sparks of her righteous attitude and immensely caring nature. Watching her going out of her way to make things happier, simpler and special for others I wondered why not all of us have that kind of sensitivity. Guess only few are blessed with it, Deepa ji being one of them. Hope to inculcate the same in myself.
Shikhae – For just being ‘SHIKHAE’ ; ‘Shikha Di’ for me. Ever so concerned, caring, loving and pampering in my case. I just couldn’t help myself addressing her as ‘shikhae’…thankfully she agreed to being addressed as that.
Anshika – For making me stick to Imart when I had almost given up on continuing this job in the initial days. I still remember her 37 minute lecture on phone on why I should not quit working and take the issues upfront without losing confidence. Not everyone is kind enough to take that much of a pain for a rather new employee. Since then she has been ‘The Savior’.
Ramandeep - For inspiring me to push my limits and progress in a constructive way. She being an ex-Imartian, I still miss her well thought opinions and practical advice on varied aspects of life.
Bhavna- Aka ‘Bhaau’ for introducing me to her poetry, her vague thoughts and her strong expressions. Nothing till date has effected me as much as few of her poems. One read through her poetries and am instantly transported a trance. Bhavna- The Poetess – I thank my stars for meeting you.
Pallavi Ma’m- For being THE BEST MANAGER ever! Just love her ‘work-hard-and-party-harder’ attitude.
Bhuvan- For being ‘Jerry’ and eternally continuing the ‘tom and jerry’ show on the lunch table with me. I am actually gonna miss the pointless fights and teasing fun with you.
Sobhan Sir- For being extremely sweet and candid each time and treating me like the kid of his team.
Anuj Sir- For being one of my most favorite persons at Imart and undoubtedly one of the best souls around too.
Nimish- For being an unbiased advisor and more importantly, being my morning cab alarm clock. Had it not been his missed calls, my life would have been such a mess!
Team Anuj-Nimish- For being the ultimate ‘Manthras’
Bhawna- For being my asli-pakki-sacchi ‘D-O-S-T’
Imran- For his wonderful smile and for being ‘The Sandwich Guy’
Dipanwita- For being one of the ‘SWEETEST’ persons I’ve ever met.
Som- For his cool attitude and crisp jokes.
Vikrant- For being a wonderful friend!
Tripti, Pinky, Priyanka- For making cab ride a fun chit-chat session.
Songbedna- For being ever-so-blunt and yet ever-so-clean-at-heart girl.
Prerna – For favoring me each time in front of Songbedna and counter attacking her with me.
Thank you Imart, for everything that is mentioned above and many more things that have not been mentioned.

Loads of Love and Best Wishes
An Imartian to the date- Friday, 16 September, 2011.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Learnings

3rd August, 2011 - One incident, two lessons learned for a lifetime.

# Lesson 1- 'The ultimate wisdom of life lies in being a silent spectator and a sharp critic rather than being a foolish initiator at voicing a cause.'
Go ahead to do a mutual good and what you get back in return is a list of ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’ and the ‘should have been done that ways’ pointers by the wisest critics around. Well, their pearls of wisdom and unsolicited opinions might be the wisest piece of advice on earth but at times, nobody gives it a SHIT, nobody…!

# Lesson 2 – 'Never ever get emotionally attached with random people; the sentiments would seldom be mutual!'
Trust people blindly for being the best of your buddies and what you get in return is a sickening realization that – darling, you are not that good of a friend for whom we’ll think twice before saying something that could hurt. However, IN CASE YOU ARE HURT and you feel disgusted or humiliated for what we said - Please go ahead and lighten yourself by crying your heart out sweetheart, nobody is bothered anyway!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Expressing Expressions

Yet again, I was short of words to express myself. Tried...but it didn’t happen. There is nothing new to it, neither I am complaining but its, just that...I feel sad for not being normal at expressing things.

A toothy smile, a shrilly laughter, a couple of tears and periods of silence – that’s all that I know of expressing coz when it comes to putting even the simplest of explanations in words, I end up uttering meaningless jumbled sentences. Not to mention – rendering myself a complete fool in most of such cases.

Looking back at the time gone by, I feel surprised that even before I could know or register, blankness had already been absorbed seamlessly in my personality. Wondering if I was better in my former years ; not that I was better at telling my personal state but, at least I was good at making others understand complex things (of their respective lives) in simpler forms. I know that it was one thing, for which I was counted upon and adored for by my friends and cousins.
Though in which moment I lost that art, I never got to know.

Today, I find it weird how my mental state keeps shuttling between factual settings and a trance like state. It’s like one moment my mind would be all active, capturing every single movement around while in the very next one there would be an uncanny mental silence and isolation. More like somebody putting a switch on and off - Continuously.
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