Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad Day

Alright, so today I m frustrated and don’t have anybody to puke out the mess that’s been whirling in my mind for something like ages..that’s why I’ve kind of taken refuge in this techno-diary called M-S word…now, what do I wanna say…I don’t know…why am I so damn ideas…why am I feeling so rejected…no clues…then damned why the hell on earth am I feeling like saying thousands of words…!!! This is probably the biggest problem with me that exactly when I want to say something bout myself, my problems, my fears I just loose the track of things…I mean this whole “thinking” business has left me numb..I am truly sick and tired of “THINKING” about the things which don’t succeed in getting a way out of my mouth and hence they keep meandering in my brain sucking all my energies and enthu....I mean how much should it hurt if you are really excited and all pepped up to share the moments of an eventful day but all you hear from the other end is “I am tired” in a totally depressing tone….or how much frightened should you be of not being able to live upto the expectations of your family…or how much should you hate yourself for not doing the things you are ideally supposed to do…and how much lonely you should feel in moments like the one I am living right now…I don’t know, nobody does… and I don’t speak bout things like these.. so consequently, all these thoughts collectively end up fucking my mind leaving me mentally devastated…all this happening after being blessed with the best of the friends like jui, shwet and megs who are all ears for whatever crap I wanna say….but even then I feel such a loner of myself in times like this…shit, shit, shit…I hate this, I so hate this feeling… life sucks at really does…

1 comment:

dipu said...

well i went thru ur blog n seems u hav tooooooo much expectations bt anyways we all hav to cope up wth these situations ,buck up n nvr feel sch

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