Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Learnings

3rd August, 2011 - One incident, two lessons learned for a lifetime.

# Lesson 1- 'The ultimate wisdom of life lies in being a silent spectator and a sharp critic rather than being a foolish initiator at voicing a cause.'
Go ahead to do a mutual good and what you get back in return is a list of ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’ and the ‘should have been done that ways’ pointers by the wisest critics around. Well, their pearls of wisdom and unsolicited opinions might be the wisest piece of advice on earth but at times, nobody gives it a SHIT, nobody…!

# Lesson 2 – 'Never ever get emotionally attached with random people; the sentiments would seldom be mutual!'
Trust people blindly for being the best of your buddies and what you get in return is a sickening realization that – darling, you are not that good of a friend for whom we’ll think twice before saying something that could hurt. However, IN CASE YOU ARE HURT and you feel disgusted or humiliated for what we said - Please go ahead and lighten yourself by crying your heart out sweetheart, nobody is bothered anyway!

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