Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dialogue - I

Head: soo long, how have u been?

Heart: .. :) ..good, missed me or what?

Head: Naah...was just wondering if you still exist in this bodily know what I mean ;)

Heart: Oh come'on..! I am still hale & hearty ..very hearty.. ;) cant’ you listen to this – lub-dub-lub-dub-lub-dub.. ;)

Head: Yes of course! You so do sound hearty mate.. :) how had life been all this while..? you were virtually non-existent!

Heart: Life was just as usual..I am ok being a solitary fellow dude…don’t really crave to socialize like you…so was good…happy & content in its own way.. :)

Head: Such a loser that you’ve always been! Get a life dude, get a life!

Heart: Sure…the only thing that you’ve got to tell ALWAYS! ...don’t you feel shallow partying, boozing, indulging with strangers...running allll the while like that...? it must be taxing!

Head: Shallow? Are you kidding me? I am ‘living’ every second of this life…savoring it…not like you loser…wasting it away with that crappy-solitary-philosophy!

Heart: Living and savoring it for others…to fit into the crowd of that oh-so-happening-people…how many moments have you actually lived for yourself..really?

Head: Wow! See am not in for that retrospection track now! forget about me explain what have you gained being a lonesome? How have you like really, ‘lived’ for yourself…any soulful insights there?

Heart: At least I am at peace! And anyway I am comfortable in my own space so just let it be…you wont understand…

Head: Of course I don’t understand this loser like attitude of yours..! Staying comfortable in your own space is one thing dude while shutting yourself up in an air tight box is other! You know what I mean? GET A LIFE!

Heart: I’l get a life, you go get some meaning into yours! Wonder why we are at loggerheads every time..stop wasting time with sure you must be having better things at hand to indulge in…

Head: Yeah right...F**k Off loser!

1 comment:

Sheril said...

that's a spiteful mind and a vengeful heart...will await dialogue II.. :)

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