Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Language of Silence

Somebody said it well - 'Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is - nothing at all.'

Don’t know why but, I find silence extremely liberating. Being a person who most often finds words falling short to replicate the expressions, silence for me is the most powerful and compatible language. No, am not an introvert nor a loner, but somehow things that I can’t say in a combination of thousand words, I can convey it seamlessly through silence, that too in the most unadulterated form. It is legible – Silence, it is expressive and it is beautiful, if only you understand it.

There is something loud and clear about unspoken words, they spell thoughts and emotions in the most genuine form for, one never goes silent on things one isn’t passionate about. Sitting against a window watching the raindrops, walking down the pavements alone, sinking in the wishful reveries – silence is all consuming. And soothing. And addictive. 

It caresses the soul like nothing else; a drug to which the more you get access to, the more you ask for it. A cocooned sphere where you are not answerable to anyone nor anyone else is put to answering you. A space where you can be yourself and let others be the way they are, where relationships are not robbed off their dignity and warmth, where there are no blame games and expectations...its just a golden space, a vacuumed golden space where you are devoid of all the worldly vices and virtues and find yourself floating in the abyss of a perfect wonderland of your thoughts.

...yes, I have and I do wander to that golden field beyond the right-doings and wrong-doings many a times...the place where words are shunned while silence speaks for itself...I relate to it, to that golden field; guess its the place I belong to...

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