Sunday, February 4, 2018

Adios, Bangalore!

My Darling Bangalore,
I’d never thought I’ll be bidding you adieu so soon, but while I was busy falling in love with you, planning a future together, destiny happened. And as fate has it for us, we gotta part our ways...

Today, in these final moments with you, I want you to know that I am deeply indebted, will always be, for all that you’ve bestowed me with in the past two years, that is, unbridled moments of love, laughter, joy, bonhomie and of course, marital bliss! It’s not possible for me to express my gratitude for every bit of the zillion lovely things that you’ve given me but, I do want to mention a couple of those in all earnestness.

Starting from the top - thank you for introducing me to the person my husband is and making him my pride, my joy, my world, the nucleus of my existence. I wouldn’t have known him any better, had it not been you.

Thank you for the roof at house no. 7, Doddenakundi Extn. and the spiral of happy, loving memories within its four walls that I called ‘my’ home, only until yesterday...

Thank you for a doting family away from family in Urmil nani, Geeta di, Meenu di, Ashutosh mausa ji and Shail mausa ji.

Thank you for fostering friendships that’ll be cherished forever with Shikha, Ravi, Simmi, Ankush, Gaurav, Deepika, Garima & Varun. Not to forget, a sincere thanks for my dearest Amrita and her family, and their ardent services.

Also, I can’t thank you enough for the addictive filter coffee in steel glasses, fragrant Kesari Bhaat, crispy Murukkus, flavourful Andhra meals, melt-in-mouth Mysore Pak and the breakfast rescuer dosa batter. Thank you for the zesty breweries and charming rooftop restaurants. Thank you for the bright and beautiful weekend vacays. Thank you for the cozy rainy mornings and pleasant, sublime evenings. Thank you for letting this winter born revel in summery dresses for her birthdays.

While our whirlwind romance comes to an abrupt end here, please be assured that my love for you is everlasting.

In the priceless trove of memories that I am taking away with me, I am taking away a part of you as well. And in the joyous moments that I’ve lived here with you, I am leaving a part of me in you too, for, that’s the only way for me and you to remember that once we lived a love story together!

Wishing you more beauty, more vigour and more power to pen endless chapters of love, fun and fortune for every individual who comes your way.

I, for one, shall miss you terribly!

Love you till the sun burns out
Goodbye, Bangalore!

Affectionately yours,
~ Sanchi

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