Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FJ2 - First Job Jitters

Its for the first time that I am writing a blog as only yesterday I got to know what blogs folks here I am jotting down my thoughts which badly needed a vent out. I am sure whoever reads this post would find the title very wierd...'FJ2'..I mean doesn't that sound like a hollywood sci-fi movie..??? No,no i m not gonna talk about transformers or its likes coz I myself am least interested in it..what I mean by 'FJ2' is 'First Job Jitters' referring to the state of anxiety and nervousness at the first job.The constant pressure of proving oneself among the already established ones and the fear of rejection is what its all about.

FJ2 syndrome,that's what I m living with since the last nine days when I joined a media consultant firm as a trainee. I dont know what goes wrong with me each time I enter my new workplace..the phrase- " You'll mess up things" keeps knocking in the head for no valid reason..I m always at a loss of words in front of my seniors..why..? The answer is that this bloody FJ2 syndrome has taken its toll on me..!!

I think everybody goes through it but the intensity in my case is way too much. The corporate environment,the terms,the professionalism...its a whole new world for me which is so different from the one i'v been living in since the last 21 years..its almost an alien world or rather i m an alien in this new world..people say 'You start from scratch at your first job' but i guess in my case i have to first level the land to make a scratch on it..!!
I know I'v got to combat this FJ2 at any cost as only then I'll be able to get out of my cocoon of ignorance and enter the world of reality..but as of now the question is 'how..???'

I hope I'll be able to sought out the answer soon..atleast before my training period expires..! till then the quest continues...

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