Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friends Forever

I always use to wonder at the clichéd statement generally made by the best man of an award function saying- "had there not been the support of my family and friends, I would have never reached so far..."( I actually thought this line as an essential ingredient to make the winning speech look as self-effacing as possible..!) I mean the whole idea of portraying friends and family as the angels in life by a person with a trophy seemed extremely whacko to me.. and my instant reaction to a scene like that use to be-' why is this person passing off the credits to others.. isn't it his and purely, wholly and solely his efforts and hard work which has earned him this respectable position..???..gawd..this world is obsessed with modesty I swear....'
The perception was absolutely wrong.
I don’t mind accepting it.
It is so coz one thing which I never realized until recently was that to reach the peak one has to first endure the anguish of a strenuous path during which not only one gets hurt more than a hundred times but also at times loses the hope of reaching to the top. And this exactly is the period where if you don't get enough supplies of emotional support and courage from your loved ones then man you definitely gonna suffocate along with your dreams and aspirations. (..Trust me it’s a phase when few words of compassion and faith work no less than an oxygen cylinder to an Everest trekker ..!)

We often don’t realize the importance of people around us as over the years we become so habitual of their presence in our lives that they being with us become as obvious as we being with ourselves..! But then of course there are incidents which act as the waking bell to shake us up from the siesta that life without your friends and family can actually be "UGLY & DREADFUL".( I experienced one such incident recently..thankfully!! Or it would have taken much more time for me to understand that my friends and family are actually my pillars of strength. )

For one single second just think of a life where nobody understands you, trusts you and not even cares to know if everything is fine with you or not...sounds appalling..isn’t it?? Ironically, people without whom we cannot even imagine a life, who deserve all the care and warmth are the people whom we take for granted. Most of us are so damn occupied in our daily routine that the need to recognize the sheer presence of our well-wishers never really occurs to us…unfortunately one of the most precious gifts of god is seldom celebrated.
You know what, I guess the whole deal is just about being a little more receptive on the personal end so as to acknowledge the value of our freinds who make our lives so much more easier just by showing their belief in our dreams and fuelling us to realise those dreams with a greater zeal.

So if you are a blessed soul and have got few real time buddies then don’t waste time dude, go ahead and tell them that they are truly special because they make you special..
Now I guess I should sign off coz its 2:10 in the morning, and my mom's really gonna loose her temper if didn’t surrender to the bed right now.. good night and bye, bye .

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