Sunday, February 12, 2012


'Who should be blamed when a leaf fell from a tree? 

Is it the wind that blew it away? 
Or the tree that let it go? 
Or it is the leaf who got tired of holding on to the tree?'
Came across this question a few minutes back while surfing FB. My take -

Leaf fell from the tree...wind blew it away...tree let it go..and the leaf got tired of holding on to the tree. Just that. 
No opinions. No stands.
I wonder why having an opinion always eludes me. I mean things just come to me as the way they are. Most often my brain fails to evaluate them or declare them as right or wrong. Not that I am comfortable being neutral or non-judgmental but opinions somehow doesn't occur  to me at matter how hard i try!

At times I actually wonder if my brain is under developed for it never processes situations, people or deeds and thus, never renders a reasoning or an opinion about anything. All that I understand is the most basic and physical aspects of a situation - just the way it is at a given moment. The deeper aspects like why the situation happened, whether it should have happened or not, the people involved were right or wrong, etc. doesn't really happen to me, and that's exactly what makes me feel like fool when I am asked for 'an opinion'. 

Watching people putting across their strong opinions, taking adamant stands, defending their views fiercely, I feel low & timid for not having that standard human capability of processing an opinion, let alone expressing it.

Lack of exposure, natural indifference, a dumb brain or whatever it is, the inefficiency of judging things only reinforces my identification with my innate nature - of being an ignorant...and so being that myself, believe you me when I say that -  ignorance is not always a bliss!

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perspective said...

Just like your last post… your blog is just the way it is…untouched by ‘idealism’…enjoyed reading it…leaving with some food for thought… 

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