Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Acting Strange for Strangers

Strangers....perhaps the most mysterious term in itself it is...heavy with uncertainties of all sorts and yet ironically, few of those 'strangers' at times end up becoming the most integral part of our lives! Doesn't that fact echo hypocrisy at its very base level? Best friends, lovers, enemies, untitled bonds - A 'stranger' can be all that and of course more...

Today while catching up with some 'me-time' on my way back home, I wondered why as humans we have this general tendency of automatically slipping into the defensive mode on coming across with a 'stranger'. Being one of the typical Capricorns who are known for not trusting people easily, I always end up in being way too pessimist about every 'stranger'. Its this instant denial mode that shifts gear and pulls the wheels onto a by lane track... may be that's why the common perception - 'Quitter'.

I guess I've got a separate self-made dictionary in my head to comprehend strangers.

- A stranger who is cordial - Pretentious
- A stranger who is easy going and friendly - Fishy
- A stranger who doesn't talk much - Snob

Now That - pretty much explains my narrow minded approach towards 'strangers'...high time I broaden my mental horizons...indeed!

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appy said...

really nice thought process..

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