Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Cycle of Deeds

Life comes a full circle and how! What you do, does come back to you, especially the wrongdoings. Guess this 'Karma' thing is not just a make-believe term, it actually does exist, in its truest form. Either that or there's some weird rule of this world that you would be sharing the shoes of people connected to you at some point in time..why? Well, just for the heck of feeling how it feels to be stuck in a certain situation that you put them in sometime..that's when the dormant guilt of wrongdoing catches up like never before..and then when you look back for forgiveness all that you receive is a mocking expression as if saying - 'this-is-how-it-feels';'this-was-how-I-felt';'it-feels-THIS-bad!'

Though isn't it just human to take a make a take a decision that might be against the other person, no matter how clean your intentions are? The task of refining your own conscience at the cost of others' emotions (knowingly) at times becomes just cant escape take the decision, make the choice but then after a period of time, one fine day you find yourself standing in that person's shoes with somebody else playing your part..returning every bit of what you gave to that person; in similar fashion.
Its a vicious cycle..circumstances change, characters change but the core remains the same - You get what you give.

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